ESWI events include: Conferences, Summits, Webinars, Podcasts and an Events Archive. 


Every two years ESWI organises the largest European-based influenza conference.

Assembling the most renowned scientists and experts from a multitude of fields to showcase recent advances in basic science, stimulating the scientific debate and to identify new research routes.

It includes the popular Science and Policy Interface (SPI) track, a delineated programme track for public health officials and policy makers. This SPI track ‘translates’ the newest scientific data and presents good practices about influenza and other respiratory viral policy measures and recommendations.

10th Influenza Conference 2025
The European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI) will organise the 10th edition of its ESWI Influenza Conference in Valencia from 20 - 23 October 2025.
9th Influenza Conference 2023

8th influenza conference 2021
Virtual conference
7th Influenza Conference 2020
Virtual conference


The Airborne Podcast series are managed by the ESWI Secretariat and are hosted by an experienced writer and editor.

It features ESWI Board Members, invited guests, experts and early career scientists on acute respiratory virus infections and raises awareness on the burden of the disease and addresses FAQ.

ESWI Airborne: Life as a scientist
Listen to the new ESWI podcast series featuring Early Career Scientist and explore the joys and sorrows of establishing a scientific career.
ESWI Airborne: Immunisation & Treatment
New ESWI podcast series diving into immunisation & treatment with a line-up of renowned experts in the field of respiratory virus infections.
ESWI Airborne: Burden of Disease
ESWI has launched a new podcast series addressing the burden of disease of acute respiratory virus infections.

ESWI Airborne: Meet the Members
Meet the members in the podcast series ESWI Airborne. These educational and captivating talks give an insight into the fascinating world of respiratory viruses moderated by our host Clare Taylor.


Held every non-conference year, the tailor-made Science and Policy Interface event is an important forum where policy makers engage with scientific experts to advance evidence-based public health policy measures.

It aims to bring respiratory virus prevention strategies and new exciting developments in the field to the fore.

ESWI Respiratory Virus Summit 2024
Brussels & online

RSV looking towards the future
Valencia & online
ESWI Summit 2019: Joining forces in influenza pandemic preparedness
Chatham House, London, United Kingdom
ESWI Summit 2022: Pandemic Preparedness, Where Science and Policy Meet
Brussels & Online


ESWI organises exciting scientific webinars featuring distinguished guests and experts in their field throughout the year on current, relevant respiratory viral topics of interest and new breakthroughs.

Webinar: H5N1
Online webinar
Webinar: Immunisation & Treatment
Online webinar
Burden of acute respiratory virus infections
Online webinar

ESWI webinar series 2021
How can countries cope with more than one major respiratory virus spreading, while non- pharmaceutical interventions are being loosened week by week?
IDC Webinar 2021
Online webinar